How to find us

Family Garden can be found at 80 Merrivale Road, Exeter St Thomas, EX4 1PT.

We are tucked away from the road- look for the big building with black railings- Torlands Wave Academy. To the left of this is a wide alleyway with a Rainbow Gate. Go through the Rainbow Gate and turn left for the Main Building or go straight up the paved path for the Garden Rooms.

Getting Here

Parking is free and unrestricted on the roads around Family Garden, but can get a bit busy. If you can’t park directly outside Family Garden, there should be space further up Merrivale Road, or along Locarno of Newman Road.

There are bus stops on Bowhay Lane, Buddle Lane and Cowick Street, all within a few minutes walk of Family Garden.

St Thomas train station is around 10 minutes’ walk away, but unfortunately has stepped access up to the station, with no lift. St David’s is around 25-30 minutes’ walk away.

You can also contact us through facebook.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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