Baby & Child-Friendly Adult Groups

We believe it’s really important for grown ups to have time for themselves- spaces that are more about them, but where babies and children are very welcome to come along.

Seedlings & Mums’ Circle

We host Seedlings for Mums in the first 12 months and Mums’ Circle for all mothers.

These are female only groups, as we believe this facilitates more open discussion around a range of topics, including birth and emotions. One partner per baby is invited to attend. Sometimes, when partners attend, too, we moderate what we say.

Seedlings is based around topics in the first year- your birth, or experience of becoming a mother; sleep; weaning; colic etc., as well as your emotional experiences of this journey and your wider experience of yourself, your life and your identity. Sessions may include:

  • talking and reflection
  • craft activities to explore these themes
  • automatic writing, journaling and other reflective activities and meditation

Seedlings sessions also offer treasure baskets for babies and some gentle sensory activities alongside songs, baby yoga and baby massage. (Although for a full experience of baby massage & yoga, we recommend our separate course).

Mums Circle is a group for mums with babies of all ages, with similar aims, but broadened to encompass issues around all stages of parenting, relevant to those who attend.

As a doula, breastfeeding peer supporter, babywearing consultant, I can also offer support in these areas.

These groups are an opportunity to talk about YOU.

YOUR journey into motherhood, whether easy, difficult, through fertility struggles, adoption or as a mum of 8 children.

YOUR identity as a mother, woman and human being.

YOUR reflections on the positive parts and the struggles of being a mum

Craft & Play

Crafting as so many benefits, from improving mental health, to getting your hands and brain working, to being usually quite enjoyable!

We love crafting, but it can be difficult to find the time.

Take some time out for YOU and enjoy felting, sewing, origami, painting, wood and clay work- as children and babies play in our playspace.

If you would like any more information about these groups, or have ideas about other adult-focused groups you would like to see, please message us:

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