Family All Sorts Day

Our Family All Sorts Day is taking place on Wednesday 17th Feb.

It’s a day for families with “all sorts” happening!

Wholesome café, playspace inside and out, heuristic playroom for babies and toddlers, face painting by Sparkly Sonia, plus singing, storytelling, story workshop, dance workshop, astrology workshop, babysign and more! There are also crafts to make or to take away to make at home, or even give as a gift.

We are also collecting for refugees, so please do bring any warm clothes or shoes 🙂

PLEASE NOTE: Some changes to times listed in the poster…

10:45 Seasonal Sing-a-long

11:15 Introduction to Babysign

12:00 Dance me a Story (children can stay without an adult if they are attending the astrology workshop)

12:00-12:45 Astrology for Families with Lynne Speight (an introductory workshop)

14:00 “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt” active storytelling and movement workshop with Deborah and Holly

The day is free, but donations towards activities are very welcome. Suggested £2.50 per child for the day. All donations are going towards fundraising for our gentle play space and café furniture.

The café will be serving warming veggie soup and rolls; tea/ coffee etc; cake.

Soup and roll: £3 Adult, £2 Child


We are also seeking VOLUNTEERS for the day, as well as donations for cakes!


Family all sorts day

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